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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

HyperQBS by Geobender

I saw these HyperQBS from Geobender.com and thought they were very cool so I decided to make one. A 3D model was made, flattened using Pepakura and Laser cut for quick assembly, then it was glued and taped to turn it into a hexaflexagon thingy, I even wrote an instructable about it if you'd like to make your own.

HPC 3060 for sale

So I need to make some room for the next laser which means getting rid of the 3060 machine. It's served me relatively well and with the few improvements I've put on it the extraction works relatively well and you can see what you're cutting. So it'll be going for £2800 hopefully, it's listed on ebay but just contact me directly and we can discuss it.

Monday, 11 August 2014


Continuing the theme of breakages, the remade pumpkin box exploded last week under the sheet growth of pumpkin within it. I could see the sides bending and meant to do something about it but I've been too busy, when I got back to it again the acrylic box had cracked and the pumpkin is making valid efforts to escape. At least it's a lot more cube shaped than last years efforts

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Damages and Repairs

There were a few damages after this weekend at the Imagineers Festival. The mitred icosahedron got dropped, that was just glued back together. The engagement ring box had the hinge snapped a few events ago but somebody pulled all the remaining parts out of box for me. I only just realised that the prototype hinge I made for the large wooden box would fit in the gap perfectly. A quick cut and shut later and I now have a working box again with a much sturdier lid.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Large Photo Frame Tree

I was recently commissioned to make a large version of my photo frame tree, and this was indeed significantly larger. This tree features 8x 6"x4" photo frames and 1x 12"x8" photo frame The backing tree was 9mm thick and cut on the large laser cutter at Nottingham Hackspace (I can't wait till my new big laser arrives, currently docking in Felixstowe).  The individual leaves were made from 1.5mm thick walnut. The custom engraving on the trunk features the customers initials and the date they met, the frame was made for their 5th (wooden) wedding anniversary

The whole tree measures 900m tall and 1000mm wide, which makes it the largest thing I've ever posted and boy didn't the post office love me that day.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Godiva Awakes

In a departure from our usual maker faires, we're going to be exhibiting along side more arty types at the Coventry Imagineering Festival this weekend. It's all happening at Broadgate, Saturday 9th August from 11-5 and is part of the larger Godiva Awakes project where the giant Godiva puppet is taken around the city for various performances. (schedule of events). While I can't wait to see the puppet in action I'm most excited by Matt Dentons giant hexapod which is apparently being used in the next star wars films. He's certainly moved up in scale from the teeny hexapods he brought to the UK maker faire a few years ago.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Working With Wonky Wood

It's inevitable when you're working with wood that a few of the sheets are going to end up warped. I thought I would share a few of my tips for working with slightly warped wood while still getting good cuts from the laser. Magnets.
This is it really, magnets are the key to success, plonk them down all over the work piece and that will hold the wood flat while you cut. The magnets cling to the honeycomb underneath and a decent stack of neodymiums can pull 9mm sheets back onto the table.

When the wood is bowed, arrange it so that the centre of the wood is lifted off the table. Magnets placed right in the middle of the bow will pull it flat to the honeycomb. When placed the other way up you have to balance the magnets on either side of the work piece and you can get a 'see saw' effect if the bow is too severe.

The trick to placing magnets in the middle of the work is figuring out where to put them so that they aren't cut by the laser. My trick for this is to draw a few circles on the wood right at the very start of the process, pause the machine, then move the magnets onto the circles. This way you know that the magnets will not be under the laser beam at any point.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Mitred Icosahedron 2

Another experiment in icosahedron, this pattern is far more appealing I may well try this again with real woods.

Mitred Icosahedron 1

I decided to expand upon the polyhedra I previously drew. Using the mitred joint technique I created some more icosahedron using more interesting side shapes than previously. This celtic knot pattern was arranged so that it loops round the shape, I ended up colouring in various strands of the shape to make them stand out more clearly.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

More square pumpkins

I tried to make make some cube shaped pumpkins last year but I built the box too large and it never really worked out. I've recut the box again this year using last years box and I got to my pumpkin a lot sooner. It's already developed flat spots on all 6 sides and I'm hoping it will grow out into the corners of the box soon too.

It'll add to our now 'freakish' collection of garden plants such as our 9ft tall sunflower and it's (now) 14 headed, 8ft tall neighbour, and our marrow sized courgettes.